Friday, June 27, 2008

Dread Bracket first round matchups part 4

We have now had our biggest upset in the dread bracket. 14 seed Steven Jackson upset 3 seed Reggie Nelson and 11 seed Steve Johnson defeated 6 seed Laurent Robinson. Here are the new matchups for the day so please vote.

7 Sidney Rice vs 10 Oren O'Neal

2 Mickael Gelabale vs 15 Greg Wesley


Anonymous said...

Sidney and Mickael

Anonymous said...

sidney and mickael

Anonymous said...

rice and belabale

Anonymous said...

I vote for Gelabale over Wesley, no contest....Rice vs. O'Neal? Rice, I guess. I'm having a problem that one of these two will be in the 2nd round and Reggie Nelson won't. I'd take Nelson anytime over these two. And I've got no complaint about Steven Jackson over Nelson, but why was Jackson seeded so low?