Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top twenty defensive backs with dreads

This is another part of our best of players with dreads series. Enjoy!

1.Bob Sanders Colts

2.Atari Bigby Packers

3. Al Harris Packers

4.Brandon Meriweather Patriots

5.Rashean Mathis Jaguars

6.Asante Samuel Eagles

7. Reggie Nelson Jaguars

8. Mike Mckenzie Saints

9.Greg Wesley Chiefs

10.Michael Griffin Titans

11.Usama Young Saints

12.Jack Williams Broncos

13.Terry Cousin Jaguars

14.Dunta Robinson Texans

15.Marcus Trufant Seahawks

16.Cedric Griffin Vikings

17.Adam Jones (when he had them) Cowboys

18.Travis Fisher Lions

19.Chris Houston Falcons

20.Charles Tillman Bears


Anonymous said...

Trufant,Bodden,and Tillman all visited the barber before or during the '07 season. Please remove them from the list and add: Travis Fisher Lions Eric Green Cardinals and Chris Gamble Panthers

DreadHead said...

I will change Bodden with Fisher since they are both Lions.

Anonymous said...

BULLETIN! Rashean without dreads! Say it isn't so. Don't worry. Just messin' with you. But it's still kind of funny to see him in this video from 10 years ago. Go to and type in "RASHEAN MATHIS" in the search box, then click on the "Star Performer Award Flashback: Rashean Mathis" link.