Saturday, July 5, 2008

Arena Football players with dreads

Now that the Arena Football playoffs are on, we thought it would be fitting to do a list of arena football players with dreads. Here is the list!

Keron Henry WR Dragons

Damen Wheeler DB Avengers

Alonzo Ephraim OL Dragons

Jason Harmon DB Crush

Kimani Jones OL Gladiators

Jerald Brown DB Brigade

Donovan Morgan WR Rush

Andrae Thurman WR Desperados

Donvetis Franklin DB Desperados

Hank Edwards WR Storm


Anonymous said...

Are you serios? How can you have a Top 10 list and not include Charles Frederick? #18 for KC Brigade arguably has the longest dreds in football. As far as I'm concerned, he must be at the top of this list, and you can retire the trophy. See for yourself on Click on Video Galleries, then click on "search" and type in "Best of Week 6". The last segment of that video has an awesome clip of Frederick faking out a defender on his way to the end zone only to be stopped dead in his tracks and dragged down when that defender reached out and grabbed a handful of his dreds. Also, Tyrone Timmons of TB Storm and Denario Smalls of KC Brigade also need to be on this list ahead of some of the players you have on it.

Anonymous said...

Charles Frederick is sick!

Anonymous said...

Who honestly cares. People with Dreads are sick but you are clearly obsessed with those athletes