Saturday, June 14, 2008

6-1 seeds in the dread bracket

It is finally time to announce the 6-1 seeds in the dread bracket. We have put lots of time into who will be in the bracket and we hope you enjoy this as much as you do. So without further explanation, here is our top seeds in our dread bracket. For the ultimate test for who has the best dreads in sports.


Vernon Davis TE 49ers

Chris Henry RB Titans

Chris Davis WR Titans

Laurent Robinson WR Falcons


Asante Samuel CB Eagles

Devin Hester RS/WR Bears

Josh Cribbs WR Browns

Stanley Mcclover DE Panthers


Roddy White WR Falcons

Pacman Jones (when he had dreads) CB Cowboys

Justin Phinisee CB Cowboys

Rashean Mathis CB Jaguars


Atari Bigby S Packers

Lamont Thompson S Free Agent

Reggie Nelson S Jaguars

Brandon Meriweather S Patriots


Vadimir Guerrero OF Anaheim Angels

Chris Johnson RB Titans

Mickael Gelabale F Supersonics

Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals


Bob Sanders S Colts

Marshawn Lynch RB Bills

Al Harris CB Packers

Hawaii Receivers