Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top ten receivers with dreads

This is the second part of our best players at each position with dreads series. Enjoy!

1.Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals

2.Dwayne Bowe Chiefs

3.Roddy White Falcons

4.Sidney Rice Vikings

5.Bobby Sippio Chiefs

6.Reggie Williams Jaguars

7.Roydell Williams Titans

8.Doug Gabriel Bengals

9.Devin Hester Bears

10.Josh Cribbs Browns


Anonymous said...

Efrem Hill (Browns) has all of these guys beat if he ever gets off of the practice squad and into some actual games. Just a couple of other things-- 1. Dwayne Bowe has great hair, no doubt, but I don't know if I would count his braids as dreads. 2. Ernest Wilford has to be on this list somewhere. And 3. '08 Rookie of the year (early leader): Davone Bess (Dolphins)

DreadHead said...

I am a huge Davone Bess fan. But I can't put him in the Top 10 if it was Top twenty he would definitely be on it.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bess, I'm a very huge fan too. But can anybody explain to me why he was not selected in the NFL draft? I can't imagine he left college a year early unless he was expecting to be drafted. A draft preview magazine I'm looking at had him rated No. 38 among WR and him going in the 5th round. What happenerd? Yes, we all know about his lack of blazing speed. But for all of the great catches he had for U Hawaii, all of the clutch catches, and as well as he reportedly caught passes and ran routes at the combine, surely some team should have taken him. Why not? Character risk? Don't even go there. Yes, he had that thing in high school, trouble he got into that he says was mainly the fault of others. But since then--and correct me if I'm wrong--in 3 years at Hawaii: 0 arrests and 0 suspensions. Honestly, do you think NFL teams are afraid of someone with one non-violent incident in high school who has been clean since then? I don't. i mean, the Bears selected a player in the 4th round who had an arrest and suspension one week before the start of the '07 season. I remember Bess getting kicked out of Hawaii's bowl game against Arizona State for celebrating his TD with fans. But seriously, if he did the exact same thing in an NFL game, he wouldn't even get a flag, let alone be tossed out of the game. Is there something else, something I've missed? Because what he's done shouldn't have left him undrafted. Anybody have any answers?