Friday, June 27, 2008

Dread Bracket first round matchups part 4

We have now had our biggest upset in the dread bracket. 14 seed Steven Jackson upset 3 seed Reggie Nelson and 11 seed Steve Johnson defeated 6 seed Laurent Robinson. Here are the new matchups for the day so please vote.

7 Sidney Rice vs 10 Oren O'Neal

2 Mickael Gelabale vs 15 Greg Wesley

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top twenty defensive backs with dreads

This is another part of our best of players with dreads series. Enjoy!

1.Bob Sanders Colts

2.Atari Bigby Packers

3. Al Harris Packers

4.Brandon Meriweather Patriots

5.Rashean Mathis Jaguars

6.Asante Samuel Eagles

7. Reggie Nelson Jaguars

8. Mike Mckenzie Saints

9.Greg Wesley Chiefs

10.Michael Griffin Titans

11.Usama Young Saints

12.Jack Williams Broncos

13.Terry Cousin Jaguars

14.Dunta Robinson Texans

15.Marcus Trufant Seahawks

16.Cedric Griffin Vikings

17.Adam Jones (when he had them) Cowboys

18.Travis Fisher Lions

19.Chris Houston Falcons

20.Charles Tillman Bears

Top ten receivers with dreads

This is the second part of our best players at each position with dreads series. Enjoy!

1.Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals

2.Dwayne Bowe Chiefs

3.Roddy White Falcons

4.Sidney Rice Vikings

5.Bobby Sippio Chiefs

6.Reggie Williams Jaguars

7.Roydell Williams Titans

8.Doug Gabriel Bengals

9.Devin Hester Bears

10.Josh Cribbs Browns

Top ten Running Backs with dreads

Among NFL players, dreads are a very popular hairstyle. Especially among running backs and defensive backs. So we thought it was a good idea to do a list of the top 10 running backs in the NFL with dreads. Here is the list.

1. Steven Jackson Rams

2. Marion Barber Cowboys

3. Marshawn Lynch Bills

4. Chris Johnson Titans

5.Laurence Maroney Patriots

6.Edgerrin James Cardinals

7.Jerious Norwood Falcons

8.Adrian Peterson Bears

9.Chris Henry Titans

10.Cedric Benson Bears

Dread Bracket first round matchups part 3

Just like the NCAA tournament, the Dread Bracket had some upsets these last few matchups. The 12 5 matchup is a common upset in this as well as Uche Nwaneri pulled off a stunning upset against Asante Samuel. Then the 13 seed Tyson Jackson beat 4 seed Roddy White. Both matchups came down to the final vote as Jackson and Nwaneri both won 4 votes to 3. Here are the new matchups to vote on in the dread bracket.

11 Steve Johnson vs 6 Laurent Robinson

3 Reggie Nelson vs 14 Steven Jackson

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 50 NFL Players with Dreads

Many players in the NFL have dreads but that is the only thing they have in common. Not all of those players made this list as this is for the top 50 players in the NFL with dreads. Unlike every other post we've ever done, this post actually goes by how we feel the players are talent wise.

1. Bob Sanders S Colts

2. Steven Jackson RB Rams

3. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals

4. Asante Samuel DB Eagles

5. Al Harris DB Packers

6. Atari Bigby S Packers

7. Marshawn Lynch RB Bills

8. Marion Barber RB Cowboys

9. Marcus Trufant DB Seahawks

10. Devin Hester WR/RS Bears

11. Vernon Davis TE 49ers

12. Rashean Mathis DB Jaguars

13. Edgerrin James RB Cardinals

14. Laurence Maroney RB Patriots

15. Dwayne Bowe WR Chiefs

16. Roddy White WR Falcons

17. Dunta Robinson DB Texans

18. Charles Tillman DB Bears

19. Adam Jones DB Cowboys

20. Sidney Rice WR Vikings

21. Josh Cribbs WR Browns

22. Brandon Meriweather S Patriots

23. Reggie Williams WR Jaguars

24. Mike Mckenzie DB Saints

25. Zack Crockett FB Cowboys

26. Terry Cousin DB Browns

27. Adrian Peterson RB Bears

28. Chris Johnson RB Titans

29. Ryan Clady T Broncos

30. Bobby Sippio WR Chiefs

31. Doug Gabriel WR Bengals

32. Usama Young DB Saints

33. Cedric Griffin DB Vikings

34. Chris Houston DB Falcons

35. Roydell Williams WR Titans

36. Reggie Nelson S Jaguars

37. Greg Wesley S Chiefs

38. Chris Henry RB Titans

39. Michael Griffin S Titans

40. Stanley McClover DE Panthers

41. Quentin Groves DE Jaguars

42. Chris Davis WR Titans

43. Colin Cole DT Packers

44. Oren O'Neal FB Raiders

45. Derrick Harvey DE Jaguars

46. Glenn Holt WR Bengals

47. Laurent Robinson WR Falcons

48. Uche Nwaneri OG Jaguars

49. Isaiah Stanback WR Cowboys

50. Cedric Benson RB Bears

Friday, June 20, 2008

Dread Bracket first round matchups part 2

The other day we posted the first matchups of the dread bracket. Now we are doing the next two matchups. Don't forget that to vote just leave a comment on the article with the two players you think should win the matchups.

5 Asante Samuel vs. 12 Uche Nwaneri

4 Roddy White vs. 13 Tyson Jackson

Dread Bracket first round results

The voting for the first two match ups in the dread bracket has now ended. The voting was done on yardbarker and Now here are the winners of the two match ups we have done so far. Bob Sanders won getting all the votes casted for his matchup. Travis Fisher and Legedu Naanee went down to the wire. Naanee ended up winning with 6 votes to Fisher's 3. The next match up will be posted later today so keep an eye out for it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dread Bracket 1st round matchups

It is finally time to start the dread bracket. Remember that whoever you want to win the matchup post a comment below. So without further explanation, here are the first two matchups of the dread bracket.

1 Bob Sanders vs. 16 Tony Gilbert

8 Legedu Naanee vs. 9 Travis Fisher

Saturday, June 14, 2008

6-1 seeds in the dread bracket

It is finally time to announce the 6-1 seeds in the dread bracket. We have put lots of time into who will be in the bracket and we hope you enjoy this as much as you do. So without further explanation, here is our top seeds in our dread bracket. For the ultimate test for who has the best dreads in sports.


Vernon Davis TE 49ers

Chris Henry RB Titans

Chris Davis WR Titans

Laurent Robinson WR Falcons


Asante Samuel CB Eagles

Devin Hester RS/WR Bears

Josh Cribbs WR Browns

Stanley Mcclover DE Panthers


Roddy White WR Falcons

Pacman Jones (when he had dreads) CB Cowboys

Justin Phinisee CB Cowboys

Rashean Mathis CB Jaguars


Atari Bigby S Packers

Lamont Thompson S Free Agent

Reggie Nelson S Jaguars

Brandon Meriweather S Patriots


Vadimir Guerrero OF Anaheim Angels

Chris Johnson RB Titans

Mickael Gelabale F Supersonics

Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals


Bob Sanders S Colts

Marshawn Lynch RB Bills

Al Harris CB Packers

Hawaii Receivers

Friday, June 13, 2008

11-7 seeds in the dread bracket

Earlier today we introduced our 16-12 seeds. Here is the second part of the seeding going from the 11-7 seeds.


Steve Johnson WR Bills

Donte Stallworth WR Browns

Ernie Sims LB Lions

Abdul Hodge LB Packers


Leon Williams LB Browns

Oren O'Neal FB Raiders

Reggie Williams WR Jaguars

Philip Wheeler LB Colts


Darnell Dockett DT Cardinals

Mike Peterson LB Jaguars

Michael Griffin S Titans

Travis Fisher CB Lions


Isiah Stanback WR Cowboys

Laurence Maroney RB Patriots

Legedu Naanee WR Chargers

Brian Witherspoon CB Jaguars


Quentin Groves DE Jaguars

Sidney Rice WR Vikings

Adrian Peterson RB Bears

Dwayne Bowe WR Chiefs

16-12 Seeds in the Dread Bracket

Today at shakedemdreads, we thought it would be a great time to introduce a new thing we are doing. That is a dread bracket. It is like the NCAA Tournament bracket except this one is all guys with dreads. Day by Day we will be doing matchups and leave a comment for who you want to win. Then it will be tallied and the person with the most will win the match. Today though we are introducing some of the lower seeds in the brackets. Today is the 16-12 seeds.


Marshawn Lynch's Cousins (If you don't know who they are just type in Marshawn Lynch always spell check on youtube and you will see how sick they really are)

Glenn Holt WR Bengals

Tony Gilbert LB Jaguars

Leon Williams LB Browns


Bobby Sippio WR Chiefs

Chris Houston CB Falcons

Usama Young CB Saints

Greg Wesley S Chiefs


Chauncey Washington RB Jaguars

Marion Barber RB Cowboys

Steven Jackson RB Rams

Johnathan Wade CB Rams


Tyson Jackson DE LSU

Manny Ramirez OF Boston Red Sox

Jamaica Rector WR Cardinals

Davin Joseph G Bucs


Chris Wilcox F Supersonics

Mike McKenzie CB Saints

Uche Nwaneri G Jaguars

Ernest Wilford WR Dolphins

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Justin Phinisee of the Cowboys

Many people are known for inventing many famous things. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and Lil Jon invented Crunk. But one thing nobody has claimed is the green tips on dreads. This is the inventor, his name is Justin Phinisee and he is a cornerback on the Dallas Cowboys. Most people would remember him as the guy on Hard Knocks with the Kansas City Chiefs fighting for the return man job. More recently he is the guy with the sick dreads standing behind Pacman Jones while ESPN is talking about Cowboys mini camp. Phinisee was taken by the Bucs in the 7th round of the 2006 draft out of Oregon. Hopefully he makes a team this year as we only want the best for the man who created the green tip.

Dread Score: 8 out of 10