Thursday, April 24, 2008

College Football Sophomores with dreads

You have already seen the top freshmen with dreads. Now you will see the top players who were shaking them on campus a year before the freshmen got there.

Mario Butler DB Georgia Tech

Justin Grant DB JUCO

Shariff Harris RB Pittsburgh

Coco Hillary WR Appalachian State

Armanti Edwards QB Appaclachian State

Graig Cooper RB Miami

Damien Berry DB Miami

Leonard Hankerson WR Miami

Bernard Brinson DB Florida State

Noel Devine RB West Virginia

Kareem Jackson DB Alabama

Anthony Gildon DB Oregon

Da'John Harris DT USC

Johnnie Lee Dixon ATH Auburn

Duane Bennett RB Minnesota

College Football Freshman with dreads

This year in college football many good freshman have sick dreads.With signing day now in the past here is a look at some of the up and coming players.

DaQuan Bowers DE Clemson

Julio Jones WR Alabama

Thearon Collier WR Miami

Aldarius Johnson WR Miami

Davon Johnson ATH Miami

Sean Spence OLB Miami

Brandon Washington OG Miami

Traye Simmons DB Minnesota

Kennard Banks ATH has not decided yet but Iowa State is his #1 team right now

Joshua Jarboe WR Oklahoma

Jerrell Harris OLB Alabama

Marcus Robinson OLB Miami

Will Hill ATH Florida

Jeremy Brown DB Florida

Lerentee McCray OLB Florida

Travis Arnold DB Florida State

Terrance Parks DB Florida State

Robert Lester DB Alabama

Darvin Adams WR Auburn

Martavious Odoms WR Michigan

British Footman RB JUCO