Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MLB Players with dreads

In baseball there aren't that many players with dreads. But we found some and here is a list of them.

Vladimir Guerrero OF Angels

Manny Ramirez OF Red Sox

Andrew Mccutchen OF Pirates

Lastings Milledge OF Nationals

Desmond Jennings OF Rays

Ervin Santana SP Angels

Brian Barton OF Cardinals


Anonymous said...

You might need to include Jose Arredondo RP Angels. Haven't seen him with his hat off yet,so can't tell if those are dreads or not.

Anonymous said...

Great to see Lastings Milledge growing his dreads back after Mets persuaded him to cut them off last year.

Anonymous said...

Now Rickie Weeks and Jose Reyes have them too.

Anonymous said...

Back again, there is also Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez too

Anonymous said...

also there was nook logan but i think he retired

Anonymous said...

There is Jemile Weeks

Anonymous said...

Derek Jeter has them too. Just kidding