Monday, February 25, 2008

Shake dem Dreads NFL season awards awards

The NFL season has come to a close here at Shake dem Dreads we thought it was a good time to honor the players who did the best this season who had dreads. Here are the winners.

Offensive baby dread (offensive rookie of the year): Marshawn Lynch RB Bills

Defensive baby dread (defensive rookie of the year): Reggie Nelson S Jaguars

Best offensive dread (Best offensive player): Larry Fitzgerald WR Cardinals

Best defensive dread (Best defensive player): Bob Sanders S Colts

Fastest dread (Fastest player):Devin Hester WR Bears

Best all around dread (Best all around player) Josh Cribbs WR Browns

Now for the final award. This one is called the Golden Dread. It isn't always the best player but it is for the guy who I feel has the sickest dreads. The winner is new every year. So without further introduction, the winner of the first ever Golden Dread is Lamont Thompson safety of the Jaguars.


Anonymous said...

Nice job.
With the combine taking place, it's time for an all-dread big board.