Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shake Dem Dreads big board

The draft is a big time for scouts and experts to make big boards. Here at Shake Dem Dreads we decided to do a big board dedicated to the players who have what we specialize in. All of the players on this list have sick dreads. Here is our big board which is based on where we think they will be drafted.

1.Mike Jenkins CB South Florida

2.Ryan Clady T Boise State

3.Chris Johnson RB East Carolina

4.Quentin Groves DE Auburn

5.Phillip Wheeler LB Georgia Tech

6.Oniel Cousins T UTEP

7.Marcus Howard DE Georgia

8.Trevor Laws DE Notre Dame

9.Jamaal Charles RB Texas

10.Husain Abdullah S Washington State

11.Jason Rivers WR Hawaii

12.Taj Smith WR Syracuse

13.Brandon Breazell WR UCLA

14.Benjarvis Green Ellis RB Ole Miss

15. Devone Bess WR Hawaii

16.Ryne Grice Mullen WR Hawaii

17.Chauncey Washington RB USC

18.Steve Johnson WR Kentucky

19.Yvenson Bernard RB Oregon State

20. DJ Hall WR Alabama


Anonymous said...

your a fucking racist

Anonymous said...

I don't know how someone qualifies as a "racist" just because they like the sickest hairstyle ever. Dreads all day!

Anonymous said...

Dreads are the best hairstyle ever created. You need to shut the hell up. And how is he a racist, he's not dicriminating against anyone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Put Tony Joiner on the Gators from here because he has dreads and he's roommates with Superman's sun AKA Tim Tebow. I once saw somebody in the Nease Student section with dreads but I don't remember who. I hope the Falcons draft some of these guys especially Trevor Laws as I have been scouting him since he was a freshman.

Anonymous said...

thats not funny aaron. besides, tony joiner is amazing. and don't be hatin the falcons cause their alot better than the bengals.

Anonymous said...

That's why the Bengals have two pro bowl receivers one of the 10 best quarterbacks in the league, 2 young corners better than anyone the Falcons have now. Plus the Falcons are in the easiest division in the league and finished 4-12. The Bengals play against the Ravens, Steelers and Browns each twice a year. Plus I'd rather have 6 guys get arrested then 1 who kills dogs.

Anonymous said...

dude the falcons have roddy white, michael boley, laurent robinson, michael turner, jerious norwood, and keith brooking. besides, the bengals don't even have a good defense. all they have on defense is justin smith. and, the falcons were number one in the league in stopping teams on 3rd down.

Anonymous said...

and i bet you don't even watch the nease games when you go there. i actually look at all the players and pick whos going to be a good prospect and not.

Anonymous said...

Justin Smith isn't even on the team now he's on the 49ers. Plus Turner is going to get 400 plus carries this year and teams are just going to stack 8 in the box against them. I actually do watch the Nease games. The thing is that I actually go to school with these kids so I know who does good in practice and who does better in games. Roddy White and Robinson are good but Redman isn't the answer to get them the ball. Plus the Bengals aren't even my favorite team. Chad Johnson is just my favorite player.