Monday, May 26, 2008

Mickael Gelabale of the Sonics

Mickael Gelabale was drafted by the Sonics with the 48th pick in 2005 NBA draft. Before getting drafted Gelabale played basketball in France. Gelabale wanted to play in the Spanish League before immediately going to the NBA. Then he signed a two year deal with the Sonics. The thing we love about Gelabale is how his dreads measure 47" all around.

Dread Score: 9 out of 10


Anonymous said...

Nice dreads but to bad he doesn't play. Chris Wilcox is better.

Anonymous said...

I give him dread score of 9.5. Remember, this picture you have of him is from the night he was drafted 3 years ago. You need to see him from last season to fully appreciate the unbelievable quantity and length of his dreads and to understand why he deservedly gets a #2 seed in your dread brackets. has some nice photos from last season. Type his name in the search box and check the "editorial" box. Also, you should view the 2/2/08 photo gallery from the Idaho-Anaheim game on the D-league website. Certainly he is talented enough to play in NBA. But even though Sonics sucked all year, Carlesimo inexplicably kept him rooted to the bench. Only played when others were hurt, including game vs. Lakers where he had 21 points. Too good for D-league, where he was sent to shake off rust. When he returned to Sonics, tore ACL during a practice in March and went home to France for surgery and rehab. Is a restricted FA, but it is doubtful he will play in '08-09 NBA season..... By the way, is there anyone you give a dread score of 10 to?

DreadHead said...

Chris Johnson